HashiCorp Vault Cypher Plugin


I have started a HashiCorp Vault Cypher Plugin that supports both KV1 and KV2 vault secret engines. It is intended to extend upon the native vault integration that currently exists within Morpheus Cypher Core and provide extensible HashiCorp Vault secret engine support. Currently this plugin supports KV1 and KV2 engines but can be extended by the Community to support other engines within the future. The native Morpheus vault integration will only support KV2.

I have provided a video demo of the plugin here: vault-demo.mp4 - Droplr

Repo: GitHub - cpdtaylor/morpheus-hashicorp-vault-plugin
5.4.7 compatible Version 1.0.0 JAR: morpheus-hashicorp-vault-plugin-1.0.0-all.jar.zip - Droplr
5.4.7 compatible Version 1.2.0 JAR: morpheus-hashicorp-vault-plugin-1.2.0-all.jar.zip - Droplr

Please feel free to extend/add-to this plugin via pull requests.

Update: 24/06/2022
HashiCorp Vault Cypher Plugin version 1.2.0 is designed to supersede the native vault integration and will use the “vault” mountpoint instead of “hashicorpVault”. Cypher — Morpheus Docs documentation will be updated with how to use the plugin. The plugin will also be made official on https://share.morpheusdata.com/


Awesome nice work @ctaylor :smiley:

Awesome @ctaylor

Here is how to save a secret into KV1:

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