Group and Project

Our Service Now team is integrating Service Now to Morpheus, using the API (not the built-in API that Morpheus supports, they are provisioning new groups, roles, etc as part of an automated onboarding process). They asked me today about the concept of a “Project”. Apparently VMWare (VRA?) has this notion of a Project, where the Project gets allocated resources. I think each Project might even have its own Budget Code, which is used to purchase resources (memory, disk, cores, et al). They are trying to map that paradigm into an integration with Morpheus and are getting wrapped around the axle. I don’t see a concept of a Project in Morpheus. It is just Group and Role, right? We need to figure out if a Morpheus group is a Project, or an organizational group.

Groups don’t always have to be 1:1 with a business unit and can encompass the concept of projects. Some of our customers map out Morpheus where the groups all have access to the same backend infrastructure, but each group itself represents a project.

What this looks like from an administrative side:
1:1:1 mapping of Project AD Group : Morpheus Role : Morpheus Group.

A user would belong to multiple AD groups and have access to multiple projects.

Another option is Apps within Morpheus as this groups together servers into a multi-tier application and can allocate costing/perform reporting against the full stack.

We are also using groups to map to a project level. However we are also maximizing on the tenancy structure to sub divide.

For us each project lives as a group inside a sub tenant in which the sub tenant is the gatekeeper for AD access. Rights are being assigned on tenant level and mapped to user roles there.