Bitbucket integration

We need the information on below items:

  1. Is Bitbucket and Morpheus integration possible? If so, kindly inform us of the specifications…
  2. We need the roles parameter for Oracle Linux VM if customer do not want to use Sys Admin.
  1. BitBucket repo(s) can be added as a Git integration from Administration > Integrations. You can auth using credentials (username and password) or ssh by uploading the keys to Infrastructure → Trust → Key Pairs.

  2. Assuming Oracle Linux VM you are referring to is an instance type or catalog, you have to create a user role and provide relevant permissions for them to deploy.

@aabraham - Thank you for the detailed information. What will be the minimal function for the Oracle VM in the on-premises cloud if the customer doesn’t supply the sysadmin?

Oracle VM — Morpheus Docs documentation (

The user should be able to do the below:

  1. List Hosts
  2. List VM’s
  3. List Networks
  4. Create/Modify/Delete VM’s
  5. Discover Storage repositories
  6. List Server Pools
  7. API access