Git integration caching if gitlab is offline

When using the Git integration, if say an integrated GitLab server is offline due to upgrading or the like, how does Morpheus behave if you don’t have caching enabled vs having caching enabled?

Does either or both settings retain and utilize the local on disk copy of any files in /var/opt/morpheus/morpheus-local/repo/git// so things still work as they had been, or does one or both fail out due to being unable to reach the Git server?

Another unit runs our GitLab and does frequency security patching, and I was curious on the Morpheus behavior as I’m looking at moving out Automation Workflow tasks into a git setup for the revision control and other benefits.

Hello @rjr162,

My understanding is that in both cases, you’ll begin to see errors if the Git integration is offline. With caching off, it would be immediate when the next task runs that requires the repo. With caching on, you’d delay seeing the error until the cache timer expires and Morpheus attempts another task from the repo.

Here was a discussion around the innerworkings but also, at the end, a similar ask as yours:

Here is the Idea post that was spawned from that thread:

I’d recommend voting on the Idea if you feel it is valuable.

Hope that helps!

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