How to stop integrations checking the staus for every 5 minutes

In version 6.2.3, we are experiencing synchronization issues in the Integrations section under Library > Integrations. This synchronization occurs approximately every 5 minutes, leading to errors, even though the integration was successfully synced in the previous synchronization.

Is there a way to disable this automatic synchronization for the Integrations section in Library > Integrations?

I’m assuming you are talking Ansible integration and you are having connectivity issues to GIT? Are you utilizing the cache option on the integration?

@cbunge I am talking about all integrations, and i am not having issues connecting to GIT. but Morpheus think there is an issue, if i re-save that intergration it shows green,

for example: if you see from the above screen, the integrations are checking the status for every 5 minutes, if you see there is an error this time of the sync, and next sync it will be green,

I dont want Morpheus to check the integrations status. where can i disable this status checks for integrations?

You cannot. Selecting caching on each integration may help with tasks not error if the poll state was in error (I would have to mock that to confirm). Disadvantage to that we would not be polling latest code every time.

Additionally, if you are using SSH vs HTTPS connection to git you may actually be hitting throttling that I believe HTTPS alleviates.

Still, the integrations in error state means they sent a failure of some sort. Your logs may show more data.

@cbunge We dont have this problem in 5.4.16. something got intraduce in 6.2.3 version, also checking this status very often is causing high CPU usage as well.

@rmartha you may be better served via support on this.

That said, the status on GIT I’m not sure if it was reflected properly via the status table in the prior version, but I believe has kept the same polling period since it’s inception.