Ansible integration +Gitlab

Hi ,
I am trying to integrate ansible which is asking to provide gitlab repo path , but its not accepting it

Error :
[http-nio-] Validation error on integration: [success:false, errors:[:], msg:Unable to connect to git]

[http-nio-] CEF:0|MorpheusData|Morpheus|5.5.2|admin:cm#update|cm Failed to update|src= suid=1 request= requestMethod=PUT cs1Label=Object Type cs1=cm cn1=2 cn1Label=Object ID cs2=Ansile cs2Label=Object Name cn2=1 cn2Label=Account ID

Note : repo is public so it doesnot require keys to be added but i still added keys

Connect with HTTPS instead of SSH and try. Believe a lot of the SSH stuff is getting deprecated/updated by the vendors in the backend.

Paths I believe can be incorrect and still save, but I minimally put a ‘/’ under each path ask.

HTTPS didnot work , i also tried in this format

since that seems to be an internal gitlab, can your Morpheus resolve that fqdn? Testing with a public gitlab, this setup works fine on my end: