Forms - Variables update even when hidden

I am working with Morpheus Forms and I have a user input that affects another input in the form. I would like the second to be hidden from the users view but still updates when the user chooses a value for the first. I think this could be useful because there might be variables that need to be set when provisioning but that users should not be able to change.

Example/Use case(s):
Since we don’t have an integrated IPAM solution, I needed to create custom Network variables that the user can select as inputs. When the user selects a specific vlan, Morpheus also needs to send the Network ID to the instance blueprint in order for the VM to be provisioned properly. Here we can see that NetworkID is connected to Network:

But if I select the Hidden option for NetworkID and then select a different VLAN for Network, the networkID does not change as seen here:

Could you share which version you are using?

This was something that was fixed somewhat recently. Fields marked as hidden with that checkbox should update, but fields that are conditionally hidden with the “visible on” field will actually be emptied out when they are hidden. this is so a user doesn’t get into a situation where they have entered in a value, changed another value that ends up hiding the first field and then has issues submitting because there is a hidden field with invalid data.