Variables in hidden value inputs?

One more for today… :slight_smile: I am trying to see if you can utilize variables (morpheus type) within hidden value inputs. For example, I am requiring an input on the catalogue item to export a tag as “provisionedBy”. I want the value of this to be hidden, but exported as a tag on every item with the user that is performing the deployment. I have tried a couple of the variables and it kills the catalogue item. I tried with quotes, tics, without, etc., with no luck. Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks!!

So it sounds like you are using the service catalog. if that’s the case, instead of trying to map a Morpheus variable to a hidden input (race condition), we could map the native morpheus variable within the spec/payload of the catalog.

So here I’m statically defining the Key:Value

But I could update this to utilize some of the current user variables

That should remove the need for the hidden customOption and map directly into the tags.

Thanks cbunge but it appears that plugging in that variable kills the cost calculations for some reason. I was able to use a Pre-Provision variable in its place and restricting it to lowercase… ${username.toLowerCase()}