Feature Request: Integrate different Morpheus instances with single global ServiceNow instance(enabled with multi-domain)

We are Managed Services department who provided the managed services to our customers in the form of monitor operate and admin through a single pane of glass from ServiceNow point of view. Therefore, we need to have Morpheus joining hands with ServiceNow through integration (plugin based) so that we can expose these catalogue items to ServiceNow through Morpheus for multiple customers who are on boarded on our ServiceNow platform as different tenants(domain). This brings a seamless experience for our customers who are onboarded on this platform. Morpheus will give an edge for them with a rich capability of the creating service catalogue items which ServiceNow does not offer out of the box.

Example/Use case(s):
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Use-case Description:
As Managed Service Provider I should be able to integrate different customer’s Morpheus instance to my single global instance of ServiceNow which is enabled with multi-domain(multi-tenant) so that I can expose all the service catalogue items onto my ServiceNow Platform for each customer who can view and order it from ServiceNow Platform.

Please find attached the conceptual diagram for the same.