Export should get comparable functions to Import and make Export/Import easier

We use Export/Import functionality to get Tasks, Workflows etc. from a Test Environment to a Production Environment. We see a good functionality with the Import, but we miss comparable functions with the Export. Please deliver those functions like these:

A) The Test Environment is running a Gitlab Repository which can be reached within the Appliance at “Provisioning → Code → <Gitlab_Reposity>”. The Appliance shows the entire repository correctly and offers “Import Resources” with a gear icon. Unfortunately, I am at the exporting side … hence, I would like to see “Export Resources” in addition to the already existing “Import Resources”. Not so much to use it in a first run, but to use it later on with a second, third, … run of the export.

B) To really export I can go to “Edit” on the “Provisioning → Code → <Gitlab_Reposity>” or I can use the “Library → Automation → Tasks” or “Library → Automation → Workflows” with the gear icons. Both are a good way to start the export, although I have to manage the “Labels” and other things carefully. When I start the export then, I will not get a pre-view of the selected objects first, but the export starts directly. Here I would like to see a pre-view first (like it is with the Import), that helps me decide if I am doing the right thing.

C) A third thing I am missing is a qualified error message and more error tolerance during the Export. With large Exports we often see parts correctly done and others that throw errors. The parts that are done were referenced in the Health Log with “wrote file: …” and we can see the successful export and scribe files. The parts that cannot be exported though show only error messages that cannot be interpreted or lead to the involved object. Here I would like to know exactly what object causes the issue. With large Exports we also see, that the partial exports hinder the Import to take place. The Import struggles and show “0” objects to be imported, although parts are already available. Here I would like to skip faulty objects and to let the rest through, so that the Import can start already withe the successfully written objects.

Example/Use case(s):
I would like to see the possibility to Export a large group of data with a pre-view (What would be exported? Compare to Import pre-view…) and a fault-tolerant export process. All faulty objects should be skipped and shown in a report (What Task/Workflow/… is causing the problem?), so that they can be fixed and worked over. After fixing, a gear icon within the Repository should let me “Export Resources” (and not only “Import Resources”) again. Also, the Import of a large set of data should not struggle, when faulty data were exported - here a new “skip” mechanism would be better than the current behavior of partial and flagged “not ended yet” data that lead to “No Import possible yet”.