Example Global UI Plugin: Morpheus Tenant resource links that are bookmark safe


I recently had a request from a customer for the ability to have Morpheus tenant resource URLs that can be bookmarked within a browser and re-used in the future. The hiccup they were facing was that if a user was unauthenticated and tried to use the bookmarked URL, it would direct them to the Master tenant login page.

To avoid this, you can add the forceAccountId query parameter to the URL with the account ID as the value. For example /provisioning/instances/34?forceAccountId=3 will ensure that a user is authenticated into the tenant with ID 3 before being re-directed to the instances page.

Adding that parameter to the URL before saving a bookmark could become tiresome so I also took the opportunity to create a simple “Global UI” Morpheus Plugin, that adds an option in the header for generating Tenant Safe Links.

Whitelabelling will need to be enabled in Morpheus Administrator settings for Global UI plugins to operate.

Repo: GitHub - cpdtaylor/morpheus-tenant-safe-link-generator-plugin: An example Global UI Morpheus Plugin that gives users of Morpheus the option to generate Tenant Safe links that can be bookmarked/saved
5.4.6 compatible JAR: morpheus-tenant-safe-link-generator-plugin-1.0.0-all.jar.zip - Droplr

Please feel free to extend this plugin via pull requests.