Morpheus Global UI Whitelabel Plugin | Customizable Logo Hyperlinks


We recently had a use-case where a customer needed to customize the header and footer logo hyperlinks within their Morpheus service offering. I decided to provide this functionality within a Global UI Morpheus plugin that can be supported and used by the Morpheus Community. It also serves as another example that shows how to use Global UI Morpheus plugins, and in this case, extend the capabilities of Morpheus whitelabeling without waiting for a Morpheus core feature implementation.

Repo: GitHub - cpdtaylor/morpheus-logo-link-configuration-plugin: Morpheus Plugin that enables configuration of the Header & Footer Logo Link
5.4.7+ and 5.5.1+ Compatible JAR: - Droplr
Morpheus Plugin Docs:

Whitelabeling will need to be enabled for this plugin to operate.

After saving the plugin settings, refresh the browser page for the desired changes to take effect.

As always, this is for the community and for the community to support. Please feel free to extend/modify via public pull requests.