Library -> Templates option is not vissible

Library → Templates option is not visible in Morpheus UI. In the Master Tenant, no user can see the Library → Templates option.

Hi @ranujain what version of Morpheus are you on? Also, have you recently upgraded? If so, from which version did you upgrade from?

It’s a new install & Morpheus version 5.5.0.

Is it visible when you attempt to create a new role? Seems to appear as you are selecting an out of box role by the locked “Full” fields.

Even If I create a new Role, this does not provide Library → Templates permission. Also the default tenant Admin role (Cannot be edited) has Library → Templates permission as “None”.

Hi @ranujain!

We usually see this in subtenants, if you have a tenant role attached to the subtenant that limits certain functions. If you attempt to create a user role in the subtenant, it will limit you from creating a user role with that permissions.

However, in the primary tenant you cannot choose to have a lesser role attached the to tenant, so you should be able to assign all features in the role, assuming your are using an admin account with admin role attached to it. If you are seeing it differently, you may want to create a support ticket.

Note that the default “Tenant Admin” role does have many of the features set to “None” initially. Many times we recommend cloning this for subtenant use and ensuring all features are enabled on the cloned tenant role. The default is to provide an idea of what is possible when working with subtenants, by limiting what is possible.

Try creating a new “User Role” and copy from the “System Admin” role, which should provide all the settings. If attaching that role to the user does not resolve it and you see “Full” for the templates, I’d expect a support ticket would be best, as mentioned.

I did test in a 5.5.0 environment, which was a fresh 5.5.0 when it was deployed and I see I can add it as expected in the primary tenant: