Email Templates (as of 7.0.2) need more explanation in documentation

With version 7.0.2 we have got Email Templates under Administration → Settings → Email Templates. That is explained in the Morpheus documentation and also a video on YouTube by Morpheus shows one example regarding the new feature.

Unfortunately, it is not really clear how to deal with the Email Templates in general. Also, we do not see emails being triggered in various systems of version 7.0.2, should it run already?

Imagine I am interested in the Email Template named “Report Job Completed”. What can I expect and how can I configure details - like, is this Email Template triggered automatically with every Report Job and sends out an email? What, if I do not want to have this done for all but only a few Report Jobs?

Also, I see an Email Template named “Instance Shutdown Template”. When I shutdown any Instance, I do not see any email being triggered. Do I have to do something for triggering the email, or do I need to create my own Instance Shutdown Template first and only this triggers an email at all?

I would be very interested in more practical examples and information about the concept, and mainly how to enable and disable those Templates on various use cases in detail. Can someone help me with a good explanation?

The email templates only replace native places emails were sent in the UI.

Report Job Completed, is sent if you schedule a report and choose to have it emailed:

Instance Shutdown / Expire are emails sent when policies for shutdown or expire are applied.

Hi Chris,

Thank you for the appropriate explanation, I got the emails sent now for both “triggers”, that is Report Job Completed and Instance Shutdown / Expire.

Do you plan to give a functionality to “disable” single templates or better said their usage with a trigger? Like, when I would like to send emails with the Report Job Completed but not with any other - so that I can disable all others?