Elastic search installation fails


I am trying to install a 3 node HA as per the documentation provided. I have successfully installed mysqldb and confirmed it be working. when I try to reconfigure the instance, the execution is struck at the following stage

The following is my morpheus.rb file

What could potentialy be causing an issue here (tried turning off firewall too)

Hi @srisharaan!

I’d recommend if your Elastic is getting stuck here to do the following:

  1. Cancel the reconfigure with CTRL+C
  2. Restart the Elasticsearch service with the following command: morpheus-ctl restart elasticsearch
  3. Attempt to run another morpheus-ctl reconfigure

This may get the service running so the reconfigure will complete, or maybe provide some additional information for troubleshooting

If you continue to have issues, I’d recommend opening a support case so it can be troubleshooted more.

Just to add some detail, reconfigure is checking on and waiting for port 9200 to be open. Looks like es is already running so would check /var/log/morpheus/elasticsearch/current to see if there is a startup issue and netstat -na | grep 9200