Datadog Plugin GovCloud compatibility

Hello, first time posting to the community.

The project I’m on is interested in using the Datadog plugin which I downloaded from here:

The FQDN for the Datadog front-end in GovCloud is different from the usual FQDN. The plugin currently defaults to authenticating to:

However the GovCloud endpoint for Datadog is:

Looks like the source code is here:

Can an option be added in the plugin to toggle between these two endpoints?

Thanks for posting. A new version of the DataDog plugin has been created to add support for toggling between the public and govcloud API endpoints. Currently the JAR for the new version can be downloaded from the link below while the new version is added to the Morpheus Exchange (

The setting has been added to the plugin configuration settings section under API endpoint with the default being the public API endpoint but the govcloud endpoint is now a selectable option.

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