Datadog plugin failing to show information for VM instances in AWS?

Has anyone successfully got the Datadog plugin to show information in a tab for VM instances provisioned into an AWS cloud? I’m seeing all my AWS resources in the Datadog dashboard with the ExternalId names (i.e. i-00c38b18e84ea0f62 etc), while the Morpheus Datadog plugin (based on reading the code) tries to use the Morpheus instance name converted to all lowercase in the API call to Datadog. The Datadog API obviously returns no data.

Any suggestions beyond adding code in the Datadog plugin to see if an instance is in an AWS cloud and grabbing the ExternalID instead?

@mreed may know. I don’t have a dd environment at the moment to test myself. The best route may end up being create an issue on the plugin repo itself so it can be tracked for features.

This would require a plugin update as such an option isn’t configurable at them moment. The initial thought would be to default to using the instance ID for amazon but support a configurable override as I believe the DataDog agent uses the hostname of the instance which may not always be the instance ID but could match the hostname shown in Morpheus. I’ll take a look at a few different design options and see about getting an update pushed in the next week.

Thanks Martez, I’ll hold off diving into the code myself awaiting your potential mods.