✅ Create variable containing the currently logged in users username and/or email address

Create variables for Workflow automation tasks that contains the currently logged in users’ information such as username and email address

When creating Workflow tasks, there is currently not a good way to read in information about the currently logged in user. If variables existed that contained the currently logged in users information (username, email address, etc), it would open the option for more personalized and/or customized actions in relation to actions within an instance when provisioning, reconfiguration, and teardown, as well as the ability to better customize Email tasks directed to the user(s).
Currently, the variables instance.createdByEmail, morpheus.user.email, and morpheus.user.username but when run in a workflow against a task they all are set to values from the original creator/owner of the instance and not the currently logged in user.

Example/Use case(s):
An example use case where this would be handy would be when an Instance is adjusted in specs or deleted, instead of only having the original creators/owners user id and/or email to send an “Email” task to, we’d have a value that matches the actual currently logged in user who ran the reconfigure to whom we could email.

Morpheus Team can’t vote, but I’ll say:

I Agree. Morpheus uses the saved at instance creation vars of morpheus.user.x and does not make the Option List values of input.user.x for tasks executed individually or within a provisioning workflow.

Hi @rjr162 silly us!

There is a a variable that does just this!

<%=user%> or a subset of user will dump all of the items you are looking for!

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