Checking what is the Morpheus variable to see who initiate the task from Morpheus portal

I am creating an E-Mail task in Morpheus to get mail notification when any user delete the VM, basically mail should notify to admins saying the VM is decommissioning and provide actual user details who deleted it. I am not able to find the Morpheus variable for task initiator, similarly like “<%= instance.createdByEmail %>” this variable pick instance owner mail ID similarly, I need variable to find who initiate the deletion task. Please let me know, so that i can include that variable in my mail task on my teardown workflow. Please advice. Thanks in advanced.

I think you’ll want to utilize the <%=user%> block. So user.username, user.firstname, etc.

Thanks for the quick response.

I dont see <%=user%> in Morpheus variable list. want exact variable which picks the user details who performs instance deletion.

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Great, Thank you So much :wink: Appreciate your help.