Create a Windows Server 2022 image for Hyper-V Cloud to use with Morpheus

  1. Download/Copy the Windows Server 2022 ISO to the Hyper-V host.

  2. Create a new VM as shown below:

  3. Set the VM Name.

  4. Select Gen 1.

  5. Set the Memory.

  6. Select a network.

  7. Set the disk.

  8. Select the windows server 2022 iso.

  9. Complete the setup.

  10. Start the VM.

  11. Once the VM starts, complete the OS setup process and install any apps as required.

  12. Open command prompt as administrator and run the following command to sysprep:

C:\Windows\System32\Sysprep\sysprep.exe /oobe /generalize /shutdown

(Once the sysprep has completed, the VM will be shutdown)

  1. In Morpheus, to create the image, navigate to Library >> Virtual Images >> Add >> VHD.

  2. Set the following setting as shown:

  1. Click Add File and upload the VHDX file that was generated when we created the VM in step 7.

  2. Once the VHDX file has been uploaded to Morpheus, click on save changes.

  3. Create a node type with the image created in the previous step.

Hello @wabbas, How does Morpheus transfer the VHDX file to the Hyper-V host?
Using winrm with powershell cmdlets in Morpheus server or something else?


The VHDX will be transferred via the Morpheus agent installed on the Hyper-V host over port 443. The Hyper-V host needs to be able to connect back to the appliance via appliance URL.