Unable to transfer golden image from appliance to hyper-v node

Hi Team,

I have hyper-v nodes added to Morpheus , Created a Cent OS 8 golden image and uploaded to Morpheus.When i try to deploy a VM using the image it fails as morpheus appliance is unable to transfer the file to destination volume on hyper-v nodes. It creates a folder though but its blank.

I upgraded to 6.2.5 as well but still see same behavior. Hyper nodes hostname are resolvable from morpheus appliance vm.

Any input is greatly appreciated !

Suresh Thakur

Hello @suresh.thakur,

You may try adding the follow debug line to your /opt/morpheus/conf/logback.xml file on the Morpheus appliance(s). If you have more than one appliance, it is best to add it to all of them, so any node that performs the action will log the debug.

<logger name="com.morpheus.compute.ProgressUpdater" level="DEBUG"/>

The above should list progress updates for uploads to the cloud. It may give you a clue of what may be causing the issue.

Also, verify the user configured in Morpheus is part of the local Administrators group on the node and you may want to review permissions on that location as well.

Here is more information around the logback file: