Convert to managed not working via API

I am making the following api call - url is masked, server id is 1234


The parameter that I am using is below where 3456 is the group id

“server”: {
“provisionSiteId”: 3456
“installAgent”: False

It makes it managed but putting into wrong group.

  "server": {
    "provisionSiteId": 7
  "installAgent": false

That works for me. A few things to note:

  • if your group is in a subtenant you will have to define the account ID as well.
  • You cannot add a server to a group, if that cloud is not available to that group. I.E - Group only has vCenter clouds, and you are trying to add a managed AWS server to the group.


@cbunge It is not subtenant. Using Morpheus Console, can add the server to the group but not through API, it is going to the wrong wrong even it has the same groupId. I have tested the API via Postman as well - same result.

Are you using a token that has access to both groups? If you are still having issues, you may want to open a support ticket.

Thanks @cbunge, I have admin permission to the groups.