Compute-> virtual machines Day 2 opertaions like stop,start,Restart

Hi Team,

In the compute-> virtual machines section, I manually added the VM to the Morpheus cloud portion. As I attempted to convert to a managed instance, complete with an agent setup, post added the VM. The agent information, along with other logs and networks, are all visible to us. We cannot, carry out the day 2 actions. Only the automation tasks are able to execute on the respective instance.
Getting the attached error also checked the morpheus-ui logs not able to find the proper logs on this issue.

Ibrahim K

Hi @ibrahim

As discussed in this thread, you won’t be able to do anything besides tasks. Morpheus won’t know the linkage to the actual VM as you are simply adding as an SSH or WinRM external host. We won’t decern is that virtual or physical, where that exists in a vCenter, etc.

You should be adding VMs via a cloud. You can granularly select the VMs with RBAC or unsetting the inventory checkbox per Resource Pool.

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