Compute: Virtual machine API

We intend to include the currently operational virtual machines into the Morpheus environment, which is already running on oVirt. If we provide the IP address and login information, we have the ability to add virtual machines to the compute part, as I’ve seen.

But I can’t seem to locate the API for those particular functionalities. Please advise on the best method of action in this situation.

@ibrahim You can get that via CLI using a dry run

morpheus hosts add -c CLOUD -d

Example output:

POST https://appliance/api/servers

  "server": {
    "name": "apitest",
    "zone": {
      "id": 1
    "computeServerType": {
      "id": 3
    "plan": {
      "id": 105
    "sshHost": "",
    "sshPort": 22,
    "sshUsername": "user",
    "sshPassword": "pass"
  "volumes": [
      "id": -1,
      "rootVolume": true,
      "name": "root",
      "size": 10,
      "sizeId": null,
      "storageType": 1,
      "datastoreId": "autoCluster"
  "servicePlanOptions": {
    "maxCores": 1,
    "coresPerSocket": 1,
    "maxMemory": 1073741824 #thats 1GB

Hi @aabraham

What I am looking is I wants to add the virtual machines using API. Currently we are having it in the UI. Same steps needs to perform using API.

Hi @aabraham ,

Do you have any input on the above request?

Ibrahim K

The previous POST and the body worked for me and this one too.
Did you try it?