Cloud Usage Report - Need to know more details for our customer

Here are couple of things that I would like to understand for “Cloud usage” report:

  1. Is there a way we can get ‘Cloud Usage’ report for period of time like for last 1 day, 1 week or 1 month ?
  2. is there any report which shows average utilization for individual virtual machines, rather then complete cloud utilization?
  3. Is there a way can get virtual machine utilization based cost i.e. like if it is used only 60% of its capacity, so it should be charged accordingly

Piyush Jain

Hi @piyush.jain. Those questions are quite general in nature, so quite hard to answer. If you cannot find a report that meets your needs you can build your own. But, I wonder if we can extend/modify the built in reports. I don’t know. I will ask.

Thanks for your response.

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Just to follow up - on asking, it’s not possible to extend existing reports, so at this time it would be a matter of building a report to suit your specific view requirements.

Noted with thanks