Changing the Hostnames of Morpheus and DB Servers

Hello there

Does anyone have experience with changing hostnames of Morpheus servers and DB cluster? We have migrated our environment to a new domain, so there is also a new naming convention.
I have changed the suffix of the FQDN in the appliance_url field in the morpheus.rb file and this worked without any problems.
However, the old hostnames are still present which is a bit unattractive in the new environment. After changing the hostnames I would have to make the adjustments for RabbitMQ in morpheus.rb and I don’t know if this can be done without problems. If someone has already made experiences with this I would be glad for any input.


Hi Ümit
Yes this should be fine. I’m assuming this is in your lab enviroment? If not I’d recommend testing it in a lower environment first. I’d also recommend taking a Morpheus database backup before doing anything.
You’ll need to update the morpheus.rb accordingly with the new hostnames and then run a reconfigure.
The new hostnames will need to be resolvable across all nodes for RabbitMQ to work.
I’ve not tested it but it wouldn’t surprise me if you have to recluster RabbitMQ again - just follow along the same procedure that we did on the installation class.


Hi Pete

Thanks for the advice!

I have now renamed all servers, the reconfigure process also ran through, but I had to run the “morpheus-ctl reconfigure” command twice. On the first run there was a rabbitmq error (which I can’t reproduce anymore) so I checked if shortnames are resolvable and then started a reconfigure again. After that it worked. As you said, I had to recluster ReabbitMQ again.