Can I use provisioning wizard variables?

When provisioning an instance and choosing the cloud on the first step, is it possible to access the zone ID (cloud ID) from that choice? There are some option lists I’d like to use that value for to filter. I see in the documentation there is ${cloudName} and ${cloudCode}

That chosen cloud ID should automatically be available with the option list translation script and request script "input" and "data" variables.  For example you can put print("Printing Input"); print(input) in the translation script, save option list, add option type to an instance/layout, open up the provision wizard, load the option list and then watch the morpheus-ui logs from directly from the appliance ssh session.  You should see the input variable printed in the logs and see all the properties you can access within the context the option list is being used.
Thanks Chris!  This tip helped me to get my answer.  I did not realize that other attributed are contained in the input variable, outside the inputs/customOptions.  For others interested in this info, the cloudId (zoneId) ended up being:  input.zoneId or input.cloudId
Here is output, using Chris' method above, with other details in it that could be accessed: