Brownfield ip / ipam integration

IP termination in ipam (phpipam) when terminating brownfield VM:

Currently IPs from the brownfield vms are note terminated in ipam (phpipam) tool
The customer did complain about it, when they do convert VM to managed and later terminate, IP is not released.

no free addresses in ipam
As info is not synced in ipam, information is misleading in ipam and may show, that there are no free addresses and it will prevent of provisioning new VMs in that subnet.
Also, Information is saved by morpheus (external id in phpipam together with an ip).
I think the only part missing is a link between an entry and compute server to work it properly during the teardown phase.

Most IPAM allow duplicate scopes and IPs. Unfortunately, with brownfield we cannot just assume we’re grabbing the correct entry.

When Morpheus creates a new greenfield VM, we track the unique identifier from the IPAM and that’s why we are and to release it at teardown.

When brownfield is onboarded Morpheus have information to which portgroup VM is connected to. Also it knows to which network subnet in IPAM that port group is linked to.
So in my view it should not be an issue to delete known IP from known subnet.