Attempt another Network within Network Group if IP Pool from first Network is full

NetworkA and NetworkB both have Morpheus IP Pools associated.
NetworkA : 6/10 IPs Reserved (4 available)
NetworkB: 5/5 IPs Reserved (0 available)

NetworkA and NetworkB belonging to the same Network Group. I submitted 3 builds to provision in our Morpheus environment. 2 initially failed due to “Failed to Allocate IP Address From IPAM”, and the 3rd successfully received an IP from NetworkA (updating the pool to 7/10 IP Reserved) and continued provisioning the one instance.

I think it would be a really cool feature if there was some type of availability check when a Network is picked for a given Network Group. So for the example above, the two instances that failed because it chose NetworkB’s full IP Pool, would move onto NetworkA’s IP Pool for IP allocation.