Attempt another Network within Network Group if IP Pool from first Network is full

NetworkA and NetworkB both have Morpheus IP Pools associated.
NetworkA : 6/10 IPs Reserved (4 available)
NetworkB: 5/5 IPs Reserved (0 available)

NetworkA and NetworkB belonging to the same Network Group. I submitted 3 builds to provision in our Morpheus environment. 2 initially failed due to “Failed to Allocate IP Address From IPAM”, and the 3rd successfully received an IP from NetworkA (updating the pool to 7/10 IP Reserved) and continued provisioning the one instance.

I think it would be a really cool feature if there was some type of availability check when a Network is picked for a given Network Group. So for the example above, the two instances that failed because it chose NetworkB’s full IP Pool, would move onto NetworkA’s IP Pool for IP allocation.


This has bitten us over the years and we have to use reporting tools from our IPAM solution so we can remove networks from the pool when they are close to full

The team is looking into options for validating remaining IPs on pools prior to the attempt to grab.

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