Are my workloads metered for the entire costing period?

Team regarding building plans and price sets for on prem environments, if using a monthly pricing unit, do we meter the workload on use, or is it a set cost per month regardless of use?

As an example, I have a plan that comes up at $42/month. If I turn the workload off or delete it after a few days, is the entire cost allocated to the workload or a pro-rate amount?

its metered, believe by the 1/1000 of a second

Perfect thanks Jeff Wheeler!

no prob

Also note, price points have options for “while running”, “while off” and “always”

Remember when doing “On Prem” Costing. The invoices by default are purely estimates. To do real nightly usage rate tracking in your invoices data please remember to turn Costing mode to Full on the advanced options of the Edit Cloud Dialog.