Where can I find estimate costing in the DB?

Trying to associate current estimate monthly costs for systems via the database.  I see if I query account_invoice and filter on ref_type = ‘ComputeServer’ that I get my VMs back.  What cost should I be using for the monthly?


Example, I checked:

interval_price = $120

total_price = $65

running_price = $2.88

and then all the same for cost_*


the server is monthly ~$27, so none of those costs seem to add up to what I’m looking for.

What cloud

Total price is what you want but it factors in storage and such

So I'm seeing total price is more than double what my UI tells me
 total_price: 65.46530445854899

Those arent the same data

I guess if total_price is the object used for policies that is fine. Just trying to understand the discrepancy


Invoices dont factor into policies

Theres an hourly-price field on the server or insfance record

That is used to calculate

is that just the 720 hours * hourly

They should mostly line up though im not sure why you are seeing double you would have to check line items


Invoices i think factors in storage more so

Oh wow that vm is old

Its possible that field on the server is from that time

And didnt update


Got this working using the following query on the compute_server object:
select hourly_price from compute_server where id=<id>\G;