[Alibaba Cloud] Price Sets sync issue

Hello experts,

I have one question about Price Sets sync for Alibaba cloud.
I added Alibaba cloud as cloud resource and service plan is also synced automatically.
However there is no Price Sets synced automatically and added to service plan.
Is there any setting I missed?

Thank you.

Have you tried forcing a daily sync from the Cloud detail page (Infra > Clouds > Your Alibaba Cloud)? I integrated one last week and the Plans never synced until I forced the daily sync.

Thank you for your reply.
Yes, I tried forcing a daily sync that’s why I have Plans synced in the portal. But there is not Price Sets synced even after trying daily sync.

Just double checking @yingshuang , did you enable “Sync Costing” on the cloud itself?


Since we don’t support live cloud costing from Alibaba yet, I think this is expected. I checked in my home lab and in some of our internal test environments and they also don’t have Price Sets for Alibaba. At least in the case of my home lab, I do have Sync Costing on as @cbunge recommended checking. Live costing support for Alibaba Clouds is a planned improvement for the future so you would see Price Sets sync in at that point. For now, you can always attach your own Price Sets to the synced Plans.

Yes, I enabled with “Sync Costing”

Thank you for your confirmation. It is ok, we can set with our own Price Sets.