Adding the remote repo in spec templates

When I try to add the terraform code from the Github repo to spectemplate configuration preview is throwing an error.
Same configuration works for local execution.
When i try to add the code in app blueprint the configuration files are being captured.
Files are not being copied to /var/opt/morpheus/morpheus-local/repo/git/ I see a directory is created with no files present.Can you suggest me what i am missing and how to solve

Can you provide what version of Morpheus you are running. In the 5.4.x LTS release, directories in spec templates are not supported until version 5.4.10 and they will not be supported until 5.5.2 in our standard release. Prior to this each .tf file would need to be added as a seperate spec and then you would need to add all the specs individually to your configuration. ex: working path = /AWS/simpleS3/

If you are running and older version and want to pull the full directory as a working path. Set your Terraform blueprint config type to Git Repository then select your git integration, branch and working path to the directory where your .tf code is.