Add Categories and Filter Mechanism to Catalog Items

The number of Catalog Items in our Catalog becomes quite big. Therefore it would be nice to have the ability to define a Category or Tags per Catalog Item and have a Filter Mechanism in the Service Catalog Persona. This would allow us to have a more organized and easy to use Catalog.

Example/Use case(s):
Extend Catalog Item with the same Tags and Label system as is present for Instances. Add a Typeahead Field in the Service Catalog to filter the viewable Items.
This could be useful to split IaaS from PaaS Catalog Items or to filter out a large number of Container based Services. In general it would improve these User Experience a lot.


This is already a feature in Morpheus in the form of labels.

Correct. Both categories and labels can already be added to catalog items. Categories show as a type ahead drop down at the top. Labels can be clicked and will filter to only show that label I believe.

Ohh that’s amazing. Thanks for the hint, I’ll check it out as soon as our Dev instance is updated to 6.2.5.

I’m going to close this for now. If there are still gaps that you would like to raise, please open a new idea at that time.