Windows Containers in MKS

Support for Windows Containers in MKS

Knowing that we often hear “why would you do that”. We have a few use cases that have driven Windows containers as a requirement. We’re not eager to be forced to use AKS. Currently have folks using Tanzu because of advertised windows container support (although it’s abysmal). We are evaluating at least build a Windows Server 2022 worker node and adding it to a native Kubernetes cluster then adding it as an external kubernetes cluster. But that is making some of the engineers antsy. Microsoft has done a lot to improve container functionality in server 2022, and Kubernetes 1.23-1.26 have introduced additional support of Windows containers. Seem like there is growing support.

At the very least, I’d love to be able to build our our own Windows server worker node and add that to an MKS cluster. But the greatest option would have fully windows support in MKS.