Will disabling logging in the Admin -> Settings -> Monitoring also disable logging flag for computes?


I’m curious if disabling logging under the Admin → Settings → Monitoring will also disable the “Enable Logs” for every Compute Host/VM that has the agent installed so they don’t forward the information that won’t be collected anyhow?

The goal is to test some CPU contention we’re seeing and I think it might be I/O bound, and would like to disable logs via the agents not sending, but with a quick skim it seemed easier to disable at the Admin level in Morpheus (especially if that disables log forwarding via the morpheus agent) vs trying to script something up that would disable it for every compute node via API or CLI if that’s exposed.


– Ron

That would globally disable logging on the VMs. You can also disable logs per vm at the server level when you edit each server.

That said, the agents need to be updated enough to a version that supports remote disabling. This was introduced early last year.

Awesome and thanks! I wasn’t sure if it the Admin setting would just basically discard the logs sent in from agents or would also tell the agents to not log.

Appreciate the information!