❌ Morpheus Logs: Enable Service Debugging in UI

Morpheus Logs: Enable Service Debugging in UI

This idea builds on my post about logback settings:

Sometimes, an administrator of the Morpheus application is not an administrator of the host Morpheus is run on.
In these cases, that administrator is unable to view certain logs without help from an OS admin.
I think it could be beneficial to simplify the process of enabling more verbose logging by making it possible through the UI.
This would be especially useful in cases of a distributed Morpheus install.

Given the standard format of XML, I think all loggers and their desired log level could be inserted or removed as set in some new selection options in either:
Administrations > Health > Morpheus Logs
Administration > Settings > Appliance (is there a better tab in settings? would it be confusing to put this under Logs? )

Given that many loggers are best combined with others to get a full picture of something (examples below), it would be great if Morpheus could enable the user to choose a service they want to see logs for as well as the desired level of logging and insert the appropriate lines in logback.xml to accommodate that.
Ansible DEBUG -

<logger name="com.morpheus.task.AnsibleTaskService" level="DEBUG"/>
<logger name="com.morpheus.automation.AnsibleService" level="DEBUG"/>

Amazon INFO -

<logger name="com.morpheus.compute.amazon.AmazonComputeService" level="INFO"/>
<logger name="com.morpheus.compute.AmazonComputeUtility" level="INFO"/>
<logger name="com.morpheus.provision.AmazonProvisionService" level="INFO"/>

This would be even better if there could be a configurable interval of time after which any logging service selections are removed unless otherwise specified to save users from writing too much data and filling disk space.

Example/Use case(s):
Tank is working on a Terraform deployment that has an Ansible playbook run on the instances being built by Morpheus with Terraform. Something is not working but the ERROR, INFO, and WARN level logs in Administration > Health > Morpheus Logs don’t give him enough information to solve the problem.
Tank browses to the appliance settings and under the new Logback settings section, he selects the “Terraform” and “Ansible” services from a drop down and beside each now selected service, selects a log level of DEBUG.
After saving his setting, Tank runs another deployment and then returns to the Morpheus Logs. He now sees DEBUG logs for each of his selected services and is able to resolve his problem.

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The level of security risks is too high for engineering to accept this at this time. Debug levels can potentially expose wide-spreading secure data and one of the reasons why this is left as an advanced administrator option.

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