Whitelabel a subtenant

Recently working with a customer who couldn’t see the ‘Whitelabel’ tab under Administration > Settings in a subtenant. This was pinned down to the Tenant Role not having the ‘Whitelabel Settings’ permission set to ‘Full’ so the user role on the tenant couldn’t see the permission.

I’ve attached a step-by-step process on how to whitelabel a subtenant:

  1. Create a new Tenant under AdministrationTenants
  2. Navigate to AdministrationRoles
  3. Create a new Tenant Role → Ensure that the Whitelabel Settings permission is set to Full
  4. Attach the role to the subtenant (AdministrationTenantsEdit)
  5. Select the Roles tab on the subtenant
  6. Create or edit a subtenant User Role → Set the Whitelabel Settings permission to Full
  7. Log in or impersonate a subtenant user that has the role above
  8. Navigate to Administration → Settings → Whitelabel


This is covered in greater depth in the Morpheus Administration Course (syllabus can be found here) so it’s worth checking that out too :blush:

it’s important to note, tenants and whitelabeling may also be controlled/blocked via license applied.

Does Whitelabeling still block the Dark Mode, or can we use Dark Mode already, sooner or later in a Whitelabel environment? I ask for my developers and all the younger users :wink:

The plan was to allow users to define multiple themes. I’m not sure where that currently lies in the roadmap. If you choose whitelabeling that is the only theme at the moment.

Thank you. Then we need to design the Whitelabeling setting the way the developers want to have it - until both themes would become available officially :slight_smile: