What's your "go to" Task Type?

If you could only continue to use one, which would be your go to Task Type in Morpheus Automation?

What’s your go to Task Type?
  • Ansible
  • Shell
  • Email
  • Groovy
  • HTTP
  • Javascript
  • jRuby
  • PowerShell
  • Python
  • vRO

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Python out to an early lead :slight_smile:

R.I.P - PowerShell April 4th, 2022 :cry:

Groovy for sure! It’s the best language even Jenkins and gradle use it

Ansible does the trick, most of the times.

But one is too restrictive for me. I like a healthy combination of Python, Ansible and Shell.

Or for sure! Still not bad to have a favorite :wink:

When Ansible can’t do it, you have to drop to Python, and write a plugin!

Or go straight to Morpheus and Python your way out of it without having to resort to plugins. :smile:

Why I like Ansible:

  • easy onboarding of legacy code
  • reusability (e.g. roles,…)
  • better known by a lot of other infrastructure staff (compared to Python)

Why I like Python:

  • superior variable manipulation compared to Ansible
  • much more flexibility (subjective, I know)
  • import everything
  • better debugable in an IDE compared to Ansible (print statements are not debugging :sweat_smile:)

Needless to say, huge fan of the Ansible + Python combo.


Has to be Shell/Bash if there’s nothing else - leave all doors open.

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