Morpheus Node.js scripting task plugin?

Is this useful in the community? One obvious upside is the modern Ecmascript support - I often found the Nashorn engine lacked a few bits and pieces.

Feedback, as always, immensely appreciated.

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This is pretty cool Ollie! I see you have a TODO to add Morpheus vars. Does the output function along the same lines as built-in Morpheus tasks? Can we select a result type and access the results as such? I see you are using local scripts as well. Any plans on allowing for repo access?

Hey Sean,

In principle I can add the morpheus vars, though I had some issues (probably with me) when I tried previously on a golang task - but I’m sure I can work past them.

Local scripts for the moment - mainly because I’m making the user split their code into a require section and a code body. Hope to work past that too.

Re results, I’ve tested in a workflow with single value result, which works fine.

Not sure about the other result types as I haven’t used them too much.

Awesome work @ollie :smile: its a cool use of the tasks plugins.

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