VNĐ Currency is not on the list

Hi team ,

My currency is VND( Vietnam dongs) which could not be found on the list. I’m not sure if there is any way to support or add my currency to the list manually.
Can you create the currency VNĐ on the Prices Set? This is affecting our go live schedule.

Many Thanks !


We’ve already closed and approved your idea request here

This will be available 6.0.2 as it does require a seed change in Morpheus to take affect.

Hi cbunge,

Happy to hear that VNĐ will be abailable on 6.0.2 . I have one more question .
Can you tell me when morpheus will release the version 6.0.2 ?

Many thanks !

Estimate mid April. Typical target release dates are 2nd Tuesday of the month.

Hi cbunge ,
can you update to me about release date of versio 6.0.2 .
Many thanks.

Hi @HUY_MAI_GIA just released this morning! Go check the hub.