My currency is not on the list

My currency is Thai baht which could not be found on the list. I’m not sure if there is any way to support or add my currency on the list manually? I try to demo to my customer, they’re happy with everything except report which cannot show in THB.

Thanks for posting! We can get that on the feature request list. Adding currencies is fairly easy for us

Thank you very much David, I really need this feature very soon to close the deal in my country. I’m not sure if we can have some kind of workaround while we waiting for a new release?

Appreciate for you prompt support. :slight_smile:

Hi Prasam. I’m unsure of a work around as we seed these in and would not want a conflict in your system later with database manipulation.

We target every 2nd Tuesday of the month for an official release of our LTS branches and smaller changes like additional currencies, as Dave mentioned, are fairly easy to add.

I have added THB for 5.4.6 Release which will release on the 2nd Tuesday of May