Visibility of other optionType base on selection of RadioList

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to know if anyone have worked with the List of manual type with DataSet such [Create, Update, Delete] which is then tag to OptionType (Input) of type Radio List with the field name as myRadioList

Requirement is to display a different OptionType of Text type base on select of each Radio Selection


Input1 (type text) to appear using the visibilityField option as config.customeOption.myRadioList(Create) upon selection of radiob buttom “Create”

Input2 (type text) to appear using the visibilityField option as config.customeOption.myRadioList(Update) upon selection of radiob buttom “Update”

Input3 (type text) to appear using the visibilityField option as config.customeOption.myRadioList(Delete) upon selection of radiob buttom “Delete”

somehow above does work for the radio but does work with normal Select List

Any help will be very helpful


Sure let me check something. Just for clarity, your last line mentions does work on both. I assume you meant does not work with radio but does work with select?

I think visibility currently only works with select lists

Incorrect, I use them on text fields too :slight_smile: Testing on radio right now.

What version was that added in? I’m a bit out of the loop.

raido work too. @achettri please try myRadioList:(Create) instead of config.customOptions.myRadioList(Create) (assume customeOption is a typo)

@achettri Trying both forms of visibility mapping it appears in my environment that only text and select lists pass. I’ve raised it internally to address to support the additional input types.

When setting visibility on an option to a radio list, use fieldName:value in both the DEPENDENT FIELD and VISIBILITY FIELD Screen Shot on 2022-04-06 at 14-27-43.png - Droplr which then triggers visibility when that value is selected in the radio list


Hi @cbunge, that is right

hi @jwheeler

my need is ditto to what you have replicated but only with the 2 radio option. in your case it can be escalated or critical

when escalated is select basically it to make a optionType visible of type text with label say “THIS IS TEXT FOR ESCALTED” and when critical is select another optionType with label “THIS IS TEXT FOR CRITICAL”

Would be same conifg just using 2 dependent text options with myRadioListList:critical or myRadioList:escalated in both DEPENDENT and VISIBILITY fields.

Is this for standard provisioning, task/workflow, or catalog item (instance/blueprint/workflow)?


@jwheeler ,

for more reference I am attaching the snap of my catalog (workflow type) which calls a workflow and list, types within the workflow and gif to represent what is happening at the moment



Looks like I was kind of lost to notice this post. @cbunge So this means that visibility does not work with the radiolist?

I am kind of confused as @jwheeler demo shows he/she was able to make it work, where selecting one of the radio option a different list are appearing.

Looks like Jeff was able to get it working on the traditional instance wizard only, where as you are (and I was testing) attempting to apply on the service catalog.

I believe this is still and oversight for visibility with radio buttons on the catalog and forwarded it to our engineering teams to assess.

@cbunge thank you for the update. Indeed this would help to focus on changes with the select list for now until the capability is enable for visibility on radio list as well.

just curious to know, would you be able to let me know when this fix may be seen on Morpheus once its reported?

Sure I’ll do my best to update here. We do release LTS branches roughly the 2nd Tuesday of every month. Any release notes will be posted on the as well as the General category here.

Thanks @cbunge. Looking forward for the fix to arrive soon :slight_smile: