I have some troubles in Options lists in terms of visibility field

I have created a two option lists in Morpheus.

Availability Zone:(fieldname:az)
us-east-1b, us-east-1c, us-east-1d

Operating System: (fieldname:os)

I am trying to make a relational dropdown between availability zone and OS here.
When user chooses US-east-1b then I will have to display RHEL8, AL2.

If User chooses us-east-1c, then I will have to display just Windows.

What is the condition I need to pass in visibility field of Operating system which can help me with value based drop down ?

Will be helpful if you can help me with syntax.

Hi Venkat,
You can do this in 2 ways.
First way - If your OS data can be hosted on a JSON source, you can use the REST option list and translation script. You would need to configure you JSON data as follows:

“id”: 1,
“os”: “RHEL8”,
“az”: “us-east-1b”
}, {
“id”: 2,
“os”: “AL2”,
“az”: “us-east-1b”
}, {
“id”: 3,
“os”: “Windows”,
“az”: “us-east-1c”

You could then use the following translation script on the operating system list:

for(var y=0;y < data.length; y++) {
if (input.az == data[y].az) {
results.push({name: data[y].os,value:data[y].os});

Second way - This is more complex and requires more java scripting knowledge. This approach uses the manual option list and a mapper variable.
Create a manual option list for operating system.
In the dataset field, enter [ ] to create an empty list.
Then in the translation script, you would have to create a java script similar to this which generates the option list using the results.push method:

let mapperKey = input.az;
let mapper = {
“us-east-1b”: [
“us-east-1c”: [
“us-east-1d”: [

if (mapperKey in mapper) {
let localOptions = mapper[mapperKey];
for (let i = 0; i < localOptions.length; i++) {
results.push({“name”: localOptions[i].name, “value”: localOptions[i].value });

NOTE: In the above example, the availability input has the fieldname set to az. You also need to make the operating system input dependent on the availability zone input.

@pjones I have tried the the syntax like mentioned above, however, I am not seeing any options being listed in my catalog for OS list. Wanted to review the Syntax If I have missed anything specific:

Data set:

Translation Script:
for(var y=0;y < data.length; y++) {
if (input.az == data[y].az) {
results.push({“name”: data[y].os,“value”: data[y].os});

Catalog Page:
Drop down results as no Option found:

Hi Venkat,
You will need to make sure that you set the dependent field setting on the input for the operating systems.
I’ve set this up in my lab and made a recording to show you it working - Screen Capture on 2022-10-23 at 10-47-45.mp4 - Droplr



Thanks @pjones for the wonderful explanation. It is working as expected!

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