Using multiple DNS integrations on the same cloud

We have 2 DNS integrations for our vCenter environment but can only select one DNS integration. The only way that this can be accomplished is through Groups. This solution is not an option as it opens up the possibility for users to select the wrong Network for that DNS.

We need to have the option to set the DNS at the Network level.


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Great Idea, this needs to happen!

very smart Idea for customers with multiple DNS zones! sounds like a great Idea!

An update to this. This can be achieved.

DNS integration was removed from clouds and groups. This is configured either via domains during provisioning or attached to a network. You can create 2 domains each pointing to a different DNS integration and allow a user to select. Or you could apply the domain to the network with the corresponding DNS.

Additionally, you can create custom networks with are virtual pointers to existing networks if you need to allow multiple domains/dns to the same backend network.

If you would like additional details or assistance, please open a technical request at to queue services.