Question on the Terraform Morpheus Handler and some values

I’m really new to Terraform so bear with me.

We have a use case where someone is looking at Terraform to provide a scripted instance build option via Morpheus, so I was looking at the provider here: Terraform Registry

This would be going against a vCenter instance, but it doesn’t appear the provider is quite 1 to 1 with the morpheus-cli/api or WebUI, but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t just missing bits being so new.

We use network-groups and domains but I didn’t see those listed in the vsphere_instance code (I don’t think?) but did see them in some other resources files in the github. Is there a way to call those when doing a vsphere build out, such as they don’t need listed under the resource option or ? We use an EIP integration in Morpheus so I didn’t know how the DNS registration all played into this either.

Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been browsing the docs/resources/ and related areas trying to make sense of all this new stuff.

You are correct in that the vsphere_instance resource is not yet at complete parity with the REST API and CLI. At the moment setting network groups or the domain are not exposed as configurable options via the Terraform provider for the vsphere_instance resource. An update to the Terraform provider would be need to add support for the desired functionality.

Please feel free to create an issue with the desired options for the Terraform provider in the issues section of the Github repository (Issues · gomorpheus/terraform-provider-morpheus · GitHub).