Unable to Delete outdated Blueprint, node-type from Morpheus portal

Hello Team,

I would need your help here.

I have some Morpheus blueprints ex: Windows 2012, Ubuntu 18 and there are some nodetype and layout associate with it. Since 2012 and ubuntu 18 are now officially EOL, I am trying to delete the blueprint and nodetype but its not allowing me to delete stating some apps are associated / linked with the blueprint. I cant delete those apps since the app instances are already upgraded to next supported version, so we would need those instances. Can you please help on how to delete these EOL blueprints without impacting currently running instances ?

The only way I see is to unlink the blueprint from the app and that can be achieved by updating the template_id to null for that app from the database. Can run the following query to update that and then try to delete the blueprint.

UPDATE app SET template_id = null WHERE id = app_id

Replace the app_id with the id of the app which is linked to that blueprint. This can be seen on the app summary page


Thanks, Deepti.

I don’t know how many apps are linked with the particular blueprint, is any way i can get the list ?

You can query app_template table to establish the id of your blueprint using its name:

select id from app_template where name = "test-blueprint";

// gives us 2

Then you can query the app table, to list all apps that use that blueprint/template id:

select id, name from app where template_id = 2;
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