Throughput requirement for App Tier Load Balancing

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If someone wants to use F5 Load balancer for Morpheus App tier then what will be the throughput requirements for the same ?


Are you requesting bandwidth requirements for traffic? That would depend on a lot of variable items:

  • Agent Comms
  • WLE
  • Alternate FE services
  • CI/CD consumers
  • Users

Overall the bandwidth is nominal.

If you’re just looking for recommended settings, you can find that here,

Thank you @cbunge .

Also, the customer is asking if there is a throughput requirement or recommendation with best practice for the file share which is attached to App nodes for HA configuration.

The customer is concern about the performance of the NAS if found to be slow during the testing.

Thank you.

Oh specific to the NFS share. It’s used for local script execution, git caching, and avatar/image share utilized by the front end. It doesn’t need to be high I/O for most of those situations.

Sometimes folks utilize the share for additional things like hosting virtual images and backups which would increase some of the I/O requirements for faster provisioning.

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Thank you @cbunge .