Terraform azure authentication

I’m planning to create terraform spec templates, for creating VM in azure.
What is the best way to “feed” terraform with these credentials. Can you help me ?


Hi, as well as Morpheus vars and custom options you can also access Cypher within Terraform spec templates to read at point of execution.

To add to Ollie’s note, there are a few ways to put a tfvars file.

The easiest is navigating to the cloud, and selecting the Profiles tab. Here you can add a cloud specific tfvars.


The other way is just creating the tfvars secret type and referencing this at time of deployment.


Thank you so much for your answers. I was planning to use cyphers. Can we use the functionnalities you ar mentionning @cbunge, with spec templates ?

Hi @Matthieu - Yes you can use these with a spec template by adding them to either the layout

or at the cloud level using a tfvars Cloud profile.


didn’t see that :slight_smile: Thank you