Can we use cyphers in Terrafomr cloud profiles?

can we reference the cyphers in Terraform Cloud Profiles? for example i have two cypheres and i have 2 TF cloud profile variables, is there any way i can refrence that cyphers to TF profile variables?

If I am understanding the ask…

The tfvars cypher and the tfvars cloud profile get combined at runtime into a single tfvars file which Morpheus points the deployment to when running plan and apply.
There is no need to referrefence them directly as it will operate in the same way as if you ran terraform apply --var-file=“my-vars.tfvars” in a terminal.

My usual recommendation for this is if you have variables that are specific to the cloud environment that the application is deployed into, those would go in the cloud profile. The variables specific to the application deployment regardless of the environment would go into cypher and be tied to the instance type or tf blueprint.